The Art of Racing in the Rain – Garth Stein

2016-10-18-12_46_55-amazon-com_-art-of-racing-in-the-rain_-kindle-storeDogs and car racing what more do I need in a book? My wife suggested this book as it was one they read in their book club.  There is a ton of references to car racing and some great racing legends in this book I asked my wife if she had an idea who any of them were and she didn’t! When I heard the title I thought, ‘wow that sounds depressing!’ to be honest this isn’t a light book and is very good but sad as well.  The story is about a man and his dog and told from the point of view of the dog, after all who is a better listener other than the one who cannot speak and is always around.  The author does a great job of getting into the head of what you might think a dog would be like in how they see our world.  We follow the dog ‘Enzo’ and the owner Danny through the day he purchases the dog at a farm, till when he meets his girlfriend, through their wedding, into their first child, and into the cancer that kills his wife.  As I mentioned a very deep book but I did enjoy it a lot.  Through all of this Danny also is a racer which helps him stay balanced but as soon as his in-laws attempt to take his daughter from him after his parents death he has a hard time.

This is a great feel good book about karma.  Mainly because Danny has everything thrown at him but he never gives up and always takes the high road.  In one scene he came home depressed and started drinking and Enzo barked at him and left the room.  He came into the room with a Coke and said he wasn’t going to fall the cliche way like they do in the movies.  My favorite scene was when he took his dog to the race track and took him for a few laps.

A great feel good book but I recommend you read it with no one around so they dont see your eyes tearing up!

Cosega Search, Consega Storm, Consega Shift – Brandt Legg

2016-10-10-12_41_31-amazon-com_-cosega-series 2016-10-10-12_41_45-amazon-com_-cosega-series 2016-10-10-12_42_05-amazon-com_-cosega-seriesThese were suggested to me by BookBub and I got them for a reasonable discount and they had a pretty good rating.  I only read 3 out of 4 of the books because I thought the 3rd book ended it well enough for me.  The basic story across all these books is that an archaeologist comes upon an artifact that predates all known human history, by a lot 11.8 million years or so.  Turns out this archaeologist also came out with a theory (Consega Theory) that we have been around much longer than we think.  This artifact is going to prove him correct the only problem is one big organization doesn’t want him to be correct, the Vatican.  So now they are being hunted by the Vatican who also brings in the US government, FBI and NSA to find Gale and Rip as they are on the run with the artifact.  It turns out this artifact is more like a computer that can project the history and possibly the future of what is to come.  No one really knows how it worked but it was discovered earlier by Clastier a priest from about 200 years ago that Rip is related to.  Gale and Rip go on some adventures to find out more about Clastier and what he know finding out he had his own artifact that he was killed for by the Vatican many years ago.

This book started off interesting and then i just kept ended up being a running from the police type book.  They were always about 5 minutes ahead of constantly getting caught.  I did like some of the characters that they brought in to help them get away and thought it was well written.  However somewhere around halfway through the 3rd book I was a little over it and we still didn’t know too much about the Eysen/artifact and where it came from.  The way the 3rd book ended was good enough for me for a closing as I feel it is time to move onto another book. I dont know how I felt about this book it wasn’t anything great and it wasn’t anything bad at the same time.

Timebound – Rysa Walker

timeboundI wanted to read something a little different so I figured I would try something that I would normally stay clear of.  This book is about time travel.  Time travel typically makes my head hurt because of the way that things work.  What is sort of funny about this book is they make fun of the fact that time travel has some quarks to it.  This story is about a 16 year old girl who finds out her grandmother is from the future and ended up getting stuck in the past of 1965 of which she continued her life as normal and gave birth to her mom and then setup her mom and dad to be married and had her.  Apparently Kate, the daughter, is special and can activate the device that brought her grandmother to 1965.  Also one of the people her grandmother was traveling with has decided to change the past and create his own religious cult.  Turns out if you are wearing the artifact that brings them through time you are immune to the changes while everyone else just thinks its the norm.  I know this sounds complicated but oddly enough I was able to follow it.  In this story her grandmother is killed in the 1875 worlds fair in Chicago and Kate goes back in time to try and stop this from happening.  What’s interesting is she ends up in HH Holmes hotel in Chicago and is almost killed herself.

This is a 3 part book and I am debating on reading the others in the story as it was interesting but I dont know if its 3 book worthy.  If you want to try and understand time travel this is a good book for you.

War Hawk – James Rollins

War HawkIt had been a while since I read a James Rollins book and this is dealing with his latest character Tucker Wayne and his dog Kane.  Always love a good dog story although I do cringe when anything happens to him but be happy nothing does.  This is the second book with this character and I really like it as it is totally separate from Sigma group with Scarecrow and team.  The basis of this story is that one of Tucker’s friends ends up asking for help when she thinks her life is in danger.  Tucker digs a little deeper and finds out that everyone involved in the same project as her has died mysteriously by suicide.  A little more research he finds out the company behind this and then starts investigating them.  It appears that they are building drones that are running off a new AI software and they are doing everything to cover their tracks.  These drones are then going to be used to wreck havoc but make it look like someone else did the damage.  Tucker and team have to stop the drones before things go to far.

This is a fun fast paced story I found easily believable with where we are going with this technology.  I would recommend this book as a good mindless read but still interesting.

Cold – John Sweeney

ColdThis one came to me by free from book bub and it was alright.  I think I was sort of distracted when I read this book as I never really got into it and felt that it jumped around a lot with the characters and the plot.  The long and short of it is that someone is trying to be captured and killed by the Russian Mafia.  You learn about our main character and all that keeps happening is that people keep trying to steal his little dog.  You find out in the end that is because the dog was chipped (incorrectly) at the vet with a chip that contains a murder by the current prime minister of Russia.  This was an insurance policy that the presidents main man of security took out in case something happened.  It was to be implanted in his dog who is exactly the same as our main characters dog.  You are also introduced to a few other characters early on in the story and then never hear from them again until about the last chapter of the book.

I would not recommend this book as I said it was hard to follow, which might have been more my fault than the author’s but usually I have pretty good luck reading this style of book.

Kill All The Lawyers – Paul Levine

I was pretty much drawn to this book solely because of the title.  It was also on sale so figured for .99 how bad could it be.  As I was reading this book I felt that I missed about half of the jokes and references because I am not Jewish and this book has a lot of reference about growing up jewish.  I mean there were some good parts but he uses a lot of words that are hebrew and some other slang that I am not aware of.  I still enjoyed this book.

Story here is about a Jewish Lawyer who is being ridculed by a radio personality because a few years ago he represented this radio personality in court and failed and he ended up in jail.  The real story that happend is the lawyer found out that this guy was bad news and really did kill this person and some other people and wanted him to go to jail for it enough though he was defending the person.  So he let some information slip to the prosecution and they won because of it.  Now the radio host got out on a technicality and is going after the lawyer for screwing things up.

Well turns out the lawyers feelings were correct and he is a terrible person and not only responsible for the murder he was tried for a few years ago but responsible for multiple kidnappings and murders of the years.  In the end he ends up killing the radio host on the boat in a great finally.

I enjoyed this book and thought it was fun the only issue was the references to all the Jewish slang.  So chances are if you are a Jewish Lawyer this would be right up your ally if not you will enjoy it but you might feel left out.

Tenth Chamber – Glenn Cooper

tenthchamberI believe that I got this one from book bub as well because I had no idea where it came from.  This was a great book and I enjoyed it.  Basically it is about a bunch of people find a cave in a town in the middle of no where France and as they try and excavate it and understand it people keep dying.  The interesting thing about the cave is that it is the oldest cave known to man and is virtually untouched for thousands of years and has some of the most interesting artwork that anyone has seen.  As you can guess from the title there are 10 chambers and the really interesting part is in the final chamber.  The first few chambers are amazing in themselves for the final chamber has the drawing of a man with a beak standing in a giant field of flowers.

What you come to find out is that the town that surrounds this cave has known about it for hundreds of years, actually some of the people living in the town were around when it was found! Apparently the 10th chamber holds a recipe to a drug that makes you live forever and also makes you extremely horny and aggressive while on the drug.  A side effect however is it leaves the men sterile so in order to continue their population they keep kidnapping people who are visiting and then make the guys basically studs and bread with the women.  What happens is that everyone in the archeology crew is basically killed or scared away by the villagers and the original finder of the cave is left to put the pieces together about the town and what is happening.  Eventually he does but it is after a lot of deaths and kidnappings.

This was an interesting book has some good ideas but for some reason didn’t really capture my attention 100%.  I enjoyed reading it and the fact I didn’t pay anything for it is nice but I probably wouldn’t recommend this book.

Helix: Episode 1 – Nathan Farrugia

Helix1I have read a few of Nathan’s books as I have come to know him thanks to goodreads.  I enjoy his books and find them to be the perfect length for what he is trying to accomplish.  Of course then he writes this and leaves me hanging at the end of the book!

This is a story about some kids who are tricked into thinking they have won some sort of scholarship to a prestigious school after they take a few tests.  As it turns out this kids are gifted kind of like X-Men and have certain abilities that this ‘school’ wants to utilize for themselves.  We soon find out the name of the ‘school’ is the fifth column and they actually run the entire world and are actually programming these kids to become killers.

In this episode we meet all the main characters who have kinda crossed paths in the past but not in the present as the book jumps back and forth.  The good thing is that the author clearly states which is in the past and which is in the future.  After a few years at this school another group manages to break a few of the kids out, of which they have to deprogram them and then get them to fight against the fifth column.  One of them has been kidnapped while 2 of them try to get him back only to run into another corporation that is stealing the kids genes and killing them.

The book jumps around a lot but I found it an easy read and read it in just 2 days.  I hate being left with many questions but it will keep me reading for the next book.

13 Hours – Mitchell Zuckoff

13 hoursWhen I saw that this was coming out as a movie I figured I needed to read the book first to get the real story not the Hollywood version.  The author does a great job of not taking sides and not trying to place blame on any political party for what happened even though we all know it was Hillary’s failure to act that killed 4 people.  I have to be honest I didn’t know much about the full story of what really happened in Benghazi and this was a great read.  The author takes his time describing each one of the agents in detail so no one is left out.  The only characters he doesn’t shed a good light on is BOB the CIA guy who we have no idea who he really is and its not that he is shed in poor light its there really are not any details of what he did or didn’t say or do.

Pretty terrible story that we lost some great people all because we were willing to ignore all the warnings up front.  Although I believe this is the curse of hindsight when you look back at everything with all the facts.  The illustrations of the compound and annex are extremely helpful to picture what was happening during the situation went down.  It is amazing how they go from playing video games to rescuing people to be shelled at their compound and killed in only 13 hours!

I really recommend this read and this author for a good factual account of what happened.  But as all good factual accounts go it doesn’t matter who you blame it doesn’t change the outcome.

Cold Blood – Alex Shaw

Cold BloodIt was hard to pick up a new book after Red Rising since I was such a fan of that series.  This one I believe came to me through book bub as I am up to about 20 books that I have that I haven’t read that are already paid for or were free.  So I blindly picked this one.  It was alright but a little hard to follow as it took place in the Ukraine and every location had really long names and every character had very similar names making it a little confusing.  Usually when I run into this problem with a book I just rename them to something that I like but I had a hard time doing this as the book jumped around a lot and had so many characters with close to the same names.

More or less the story is about Aiden Snow a retired SAS operative who is now a teacher in Ukraine.  about 20 years ago Aiden was deployed training some people and was called into action at a bank robbery that they were the closet responding unit.  Everyone was killed except Aiden who remembered on of the attackers eyes.  Fast forward 20 years and Aiden is a teacher at a small school in Ukraine.

There are these two guys who are trying to run illegal trade business with Russia, Ukraine and surrounding areas.  THey decide they want to increase their influence and do this through the help of a mercenary.  This mercenary is the same guy who killed Aiden’s entire team 20 years ago.  Aiden ends up in the middle of everything once the mercenary figures out that Aiden still has connections to the SAS and could identify him so he tries to kill him.

I wouldn’t recommend this book as I found it a little predictable and the names and locations made it hard to follow.  But considering I didn’t pay for it I don’t think it was a total loss.